The service is the department of the company which is responsible for the installation of Mechanical Equipment & Operating Systems to clients of MOMENTOUS EPE as well as their proper operation.

As a department, it consists of the external technicians who visit the customers on their premises as well as an internal technician who is always on the company's premises.

External technicians go to customers for PC upgrades, hardware additions, repairs, hardware and network installations, maintenance, etc.

Each device that is repaired at the service site goes through a quality control and is then delivered to the customer. Devices that come from suppliers due to warranty are again subjected to the same quality controls.

Quality checks are carried out at the customer's premises, as well as on the new PCs that are being prepared for delivery to the customer.

The reliable and uninterrupted operation of the network is a basic condition of the modern business

Its proper operation allows your company to run smoothly. MOMENTOUS LTD can ensure and guarantee the quota usage of.

We take responsibility for the support of your network, its expansion, the addition of new services, as well as their security.

More specifically:

  • Cabling – Installation of Structured Cabling Networks
  • Installation of Branch Communication Systems
  • Design – Implementation of Data Security Systems & Information Flow
  • Exercise Right of Access
  • Installation of the Server, its configuration, the connection of the terminals.
  • Selection of the appropriate software and mechanical equipment for the implementation of the network.
  • The expansion of its network by adding new terminals and new services

The support area is probably the most important factor in the efficient operation of your applications. Through its specialized and experienced technicians, MOMENTOUS Ltd. is able to support you with reliability and speed in your applications.

On-site service provision:

On-site service provision means the physical presence of a MOMENTOUS technician at the customer's premises, or at our offices.

The charge is per hour of service and from the moment the technician is present at the client's offices the minimum charge is 1 (one) hour.

Telephone Support:

Telephone support services are covered by MOMENTOUS technicians through the customer's telephone contact with our offices, via mobile phone, or via e-mail ).

We offer phone support to our customers, for our integrated solutions and software, from 09:00 to 17:00 , for working days .